About Me

I am a young business student at the University of Nevada, Reno and my goal is to create unique and delicious meals for the fast, busy, and budgeted lifestyle of a working student like myself. Cooking has always been one of my secret passions, but between work, schoolwork, and rugby practice I can barely find the time to make a luscious home cooked meal. On top of that, I live in wild fraternity house where food goes quick and if you’re going to survive you have to be quick and resourceful with what you got. It is because of all this that I believe I have become an expert in “college grub.” Using common and simple ingredients, along with some MacGuyver-like cooking techniques, I aim to teach how to make delicious, yet quick and cheap meals for all people who have too much going on in their life.

Check out my video to get a better look at what I’m all about!


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