The Science of Food

Most people who enjoy food always talk about how great the tastes, colors, aromas, and textures associated with foods are. But I also enjoy looking at food from a more, “scientific” point of view. I find it fascinating the way food is grown, prepared, and in some context, engineered. Since the earliest times, we have adapted and survived based with the foods given to us. No matter the conditions, human kind has found a way to make the foods we like, work for us.  And thanks to recent developments, we’ve even been able to genetically engineer our foods to better suit our needs. In harshly dry and hot desserts, we can grow a strand of corn that doesn’t require as much water because it has been spliced with cactus genes. This sounds like science fiction but it is real life.

This has actually been going on for some years now and has gained a lot of attention, both good and bad. There are activists on both sides debating the proper place for genetically engineered foods. On one hand there are the people who protest against the use of genetically engineered food because it is unsafe to consume. There is also a side to the argument that claims the food is blasphemy and goes against God’s will to alter the genetics of our food. Riiiiight. The other side believes that by altering our food we can help solve global food problems, and essentially, make this world a better place. May sound like an ad for some left wing philanthropist group, but it is the truth in this matter.

If by engineering our food, we can make it to better serve humanity then I say why not! By doing so we can now feed thousands if not millions of people who would not have been able to feed themselves. I believe that it would be inhumane to not develop the foods that can save lives. I am interested to see what happens with these foods in the future and would like to know your opinions! Comment and tell me how you feel about the subject! Should we really  be creating and manipulating our food to make a better world?


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