Funfetti All Day

I’m going to start off by saying, Funfetti is by far the best cake you can make out of a box. Fact. I don’t care about any arguments you could make, nothing can compare to the deliciousness of a fresh moist Funfetti cake and some milk. And because I was extremely bored and hungry, I decided to bake a Funfetti cake.

When I went to the store to pick up the cake mix, I noticed that they also had a Funfetti cookie dough mix.. Hmm… After a quick 30 second debate in my head, I chose to go with the cookies instead. I don’t remember exactly why I chose the cookies but something was telling me to go for it so I did. 

Because of the recent cooking adventures of Jimmy Bluntski, my kitchen’s stove and oven have been out of commission. It wasn’t his fault though, we had a major gas leak and it could have happened to anyone. And of course it was him, but, moral of the story, I had to go to a friends house to use their oven to bake the cookies.

Now following the simple steps laid out on the box, I mixed up the batter, a stick of butter, and 1 large egg to make a dough. I then simply balled up little chunks of dough and placed them 2 inches apart evenly across a baking sheet. Preheated the oven to 375 degrees and threw the cookies in for around 8-10 minutes depending on the size of the cookies. Once the cookies have flattened up and baked all the way, pull the cookies out and set aside to cool for 5 minutes. After the cookies have cooled and firmed up a little bit move them to a separate plate to serve. I was able to make about 3 dozen cookies out of 1 box so you will have tons to share. Plus chicks dig guys who can bake.


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