Do It Right, Get It Tight!

Although it may seem like I have no regard for my personal health, with all the greasy ass foods I usually make, but that is not completely true. I do actually care about getting the proper nutrition, just not all the time. Being healthy means more than just eating right. You need to maintain an active lifestyle, as well as maintain a healthy mind. It may sound cheesy, but getting your mind right is the first thing needed to accomplish anything in life.  For me, eating is not something I do just because I have to, but also because I enjoy it! I enjoy all aspects of food and find pleasure in cooking meals and pigging out. Eating makes me happy and helps maintain a healthy mind. But, I also understand what it means to eat right, and be healthy.

Your body needs over 40 different nutrients to replenish itself after a long day. The best way to get that is by eating a varying and balanced diet of foods. It is important that you get the right proportions of protein, carbs, sodium, and even fats and fatty acids. By eating different things frequently you guarantee that your body gets the varied nutrients needed. It is important to establish strong and healthy eating habits so that you can avoid getting into dependencies on fast food and other unhealthy options. America is the most obese country in the world and it is because masses of people have forgotten or never learned the right way to eat for your body.

By learning to substitute out small items in your diet you can begin to develop strong eating habits that can lead to a healthier you. For instance, exchanging sodas and sugary drinks for water, juice, or tea you can lower the amount of sugar you take in each day. Also, by learning when the time is right to either pig out or to ration out. After a long day working, schooling, and exercising, your body needs to refuel with lots of different vitamins and nutrients.  And it is for that reason that I write this blog, because I find that making a feast can not only bring your body back strong, but also your mind. And having a strong body and mind is the only way to thrive in today’s world.


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