Snack Attack!

I won’t lie. From time to time I geek out and play video games for hours on end. I’m a gamer. I go to midnight releases for certain games and have power sessions till 5 in the morning. I just did 2 releases within 2 months. I am currently getting down hard on Gears of War 3 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. All of this background on my gaming habits is leading to this point.  During all of these extreme gamer sessions I need great sources of fuel in  to continue performing at my optimum on the sticks. Now I’m talking about Game Fuel!

I have been asking a few of my gamer buddies about their favorite snacks to grub down on while on the sticks and I have put together what I believe to be a strong list of the best gamer foods out there. Now by no means to I believe I covered everything there is out there in the market, but I do feel that I’ve covered the most essential materials that provide for a strong snack sesh.

I’m first going to outline what fellow gamers have passed along to me:

Marvelous Marvin: Redbull, Peanutbutter Cups, PB&J Sandwiches, Zebra Cakes and Zours Candy.

JimmyBluntski: Macdonald’s McDoubles, Jelly Beans, Starbursts, Trail Mix, H -Ho’s, Mountain Dew Code Red.

HalliJ13: French Fries (From Anywhere), Corndogs, Salt Water Taffy, Instant Mac ‘n Cheese.

KeefeeG: Laffy Taffy (Cherry), Warheads,  Powerade White Cherry, Beef Jerky, Smart Foods Popcorn.

All of these elements bring the major snack food groups. The candy essentials are covered thoroughly with the multiple different levels of candy, hard or soft, sweet or sour, creamy or crunchy we have it all.  Another favorite, and must for some people, are the snack cakes and pastries. Another great thing to have while snacking is substance. You can’t always munch on only sugar and fructose corn syrup, so having a strong protein and carb source is critical. Peanut butter and jerky are excellent sources of protein that give you that real energy your body needs. Another great snack is Trail mix. Trail mix usually contains great blends of nuts, fruits, and candies that provide protein and sugars needed to burn through an allnighter!


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