Buffet Steez

I can easily say that buffets are the my favorite way to dine out. I love the concept of being able to sample all of the dishes they have to offer. I am just an indecisive person when it comes to food, and it can be heartbreaking at times having to pick between 2 different dishes at your local diner. But, when standing in that buffet line you are comfortable knowing that you have zero  hard decisions ahead of you. You are free to pick and sample from all of the dishes and load your plate as high as you can! Now, I know it is unreasonable to think that all places could use this style of serving food, but I do think a lot of places could greatly benefit from introducing a buffet into their restaurants.

I personally believe that Mexican restaurants stand the most to gain from going buffet. If they laid out a table of different dishes it could make for a great meal for customers, that is also relatively cheap on the restaurants end to make. The options available are so diverse that the restaurant could switch up the menu for every day of the week with ease, while still providing quality meals for all the days throughout the week. In addition, almost all of the dishes made can be modified easily to smaller portions for the perfect buffet plate.


Chinese restaurants have been way ahead of the curve when it comes to all you can eat meals. A good Chinese buffet can be one of the most satisfying meals you can have. The plethora of options you have when choosing food a Chinese buffet can be overwhelming and even exciting at times. It offers a great way to introduce and try out new or exotic dishes that most people wouldn’t have tried them out otherwise. Just like a Chinese restaurants menu, a Mexican restaurant’s menu could easily be adapted to make an outstanding buffet that families and friends can enjoy at a reasonable price. 


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