Bacon Wrapped Cheddar Smokies Omelet!

When cruising through the aisles looking for some good food to cook up, I saw a lil something I have not had in a long time. Lil Smokies! Lil Smokies are also referred to as cocktail wienees and are essentially, tiny hotdog links. But what caught my eye was the fact that these wienee were cheddar stuffed! So I decided to pick up the bag and make them for dinner along with some other finger foods to make a nice little buffet of finger foods. I was going to do all this.. Until I got sidetracked with some other meal opportunities. Now,  almost a week later, I remembered that I still had those little smokies sitting in my fridge! So I ravaged the rest of my fridge and pantry to put together a motley dish of easy items.

After scavenging, I came up on an onion, some bacon, eggs, a few taquitos and of course, my wienees. The only suitable option I could think of at the time was to wrap the lil smokies up in bacon, saute up the onions, then throw it all together in an omelet and mix up with a few taquitos on the side! 

The first thing I did was cut my bacon strips in half, then I began to wrap the smokies up in the bacon. I then set my oven to 400 degrees and sprayed a baking sheet with a light layer of pam. After, I evenly spaced the wrapped up smokies on the pan and placed in the oven. After roughly 10 minutes they will need to be flipped to ensure the bacon is fully cooked. In the mean time while those are cooking,

I had the luxury of finding some minced garlic in the fridge so I started sauteing my onions by throwing a teaspoon of butter and half a teaspoon of minced garlic onto a pan. While that warmed up on a low heat I diced up about half of my onion. When done, turn up the heat to medium and throw the diced onions in with the melted garlic butter. Allow those to saute for about 6-8 minutes depending.

Once my smokies were done baking and the bacon on the outside was fully cooked, I cut them into smaller halves and thirds so that they would be easy to eat in the omelet. Throw the wrapped smokies and onions into your pan and crack 3 eggs into it. Scramble all of it up and allow to sit and cook for a couple of minutes. This lets the egg firm up and bind all of the ingredients together. Once the egg has been browned up on one side flip and allow to brown on the other side. While this was happening, I put my taquitos in the oven at 400 degrees to crisp up for about 7 minutes.

When it’s all said and done, throw some salsa and sour cream on it and enjoy! I saved a few wrapped smokies to enjoy bythemselves on the side!

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