The tradition of the quesadilla has been passed down for many generations in my family. It was personally handed down to me by my grandmother who learned it from her mother in Mexico. Now I am not claiming them to be the best in the world but they are my personal favorite and have gained the respect from many others who have tried it!

Now, most people believe that the only way to make a quesadilla is with flour tortillas, but not I! My family recipe prefers using corn tortillas, oOoOhh! And although the smaller size of the tortilla means a smaller quesadilla, bigger is not always better! The quesadilla is usually a meal to be enjoyed with others, like a lot of appetizers, but going through folding and cutting up the big quesadillas can be a bit of a hassle when making for a large family. And so because quesadillas were usually made as an appetizer or starter course for the whole family, It was more practical to just make a bunch of mini-quesadillas using corn tortillas and stack em up for everyone to grab as they want! This also makes it easy because people tend to like different things with their quesadillas. 

So for my recipe, all you’ll need are some corn tortillas, butter, and your favorite kind of cheese to use! I prefer using a Mexican blend of shredded cheeses or straight mozzarella cheese!


*Hint* My personal secret to making the perfectly crispy quesadilla is to properly apply the butter to both tortillas. In order to do this, I drop a scoop of butter and one tortilla and sandwich it together with the other tortilla. Once they are sandwiched I rub them together in a circular motion to evenly spread the butter between both tortillas.

1. Butter the tortillas and set aside.

2. Using medium heat, warm up a skillet or frying pan to use.

3. Once the skillet is slightly warmed up, throw one tortilla in the pan. Sprinkle your cheese on then Cover with the other tortilla.

4. Once the bottom side comes to a nice light, golden brown flip and allow the other side to do the same.

Simple as that! Garnish with your favorite toppings such as salsa, guacamole, or sour cream! Some extremists will put jalapenos in the cheese as it cooks to spice it up a little bit!


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