All you can afford

Once again, I have embarked on an adventurous road trip into the sunny state of California! And during this road trip my food cravings have brought me to one of Riverside’s premier sushi bars, OOKA Sushi!. Now I actually learned about this place on accident, but it was easy to tell from the atmosphere, that the locals would have pointed me in the same direction.

The service was nice, the sushi was great, and the atmosphere was exciting. But.. the prices were what you might say, steep! And unfortunately for me, I forgot that the great state of California does not traditionally feature the “All you can eat,” option at their sushi restaurants. Now a la carte sushi is no cheap meal when you consider that approximately 2 to 3 rolls equals one full meal at around 10-15 dollars per roll! And when you add in some miso soup and some quail egg shooters, you’re looking at a hefty bill.  It was for this reason, that I decided to take my stand against the sushi bars without all you can eat!

The average sushi roll tends to be about 8-10 pieces made with only 2-3 pieces of fish or other seafood per roll. That is not nearly enough to satisfy a whole dinner meal for a hungry college student let alone any hungry individual! I always believed that one of the best aspects of the Japanese cuisine and culture was that they wanted you to eat until you were completely satisfied! When this aspect of the meal is missing, I feel that it actually takes away from the eating experience as a whole! Now I’m not saying that it isn’t possible to enjoy sushi without going all you can eat, but you surely can’t enjoy your full moneys worth unless you go big and eat until you can’t eat any more!



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