Onion Rings and Mozzee Sticks!

While browsing around the web the other day, I encountered a video of chef Carla Hall, on ABC’s “The Chew,” boasting that she had the crunchiest onion rings you could get. After watching the video, I decided to make my own onion rings! But I didn’t stop there. I also decided to use that same recipe to make mozzarella sticks!! Carla led me to a great secret when making batter, which is Instant mashed potatoes. Yea, really, Instant mashed potatoes add a nice flavor and thickens up the batter nicely. I spiced up her recipe a little bit by adding finely crushed Maui Onion Chips and Tangy Buffalo Doritos chips to the breading!

Now when making onion rings you need only a few basic ingredients to make a delicious crunchy batter. I usually like to use Panko bread crumb when making batters because the Panko does a great job of adhering and coating the food. I then like to flavor it up withe the finely crushed chips because they add great crunch, flavor, and texture to the batter. Once you have all the ingredients, the steps of deep frying are fairly easy! All you need to do is to start with dipping in plain flour, then move to the batter, then into the Panko chip combo, then to the fryer! So here goes my recipe for home-made onion rings and mozzarella sticks!

Ingredients needed:



Club Soda

Panko bread crumbs

Your favorite kind of potato or tortilla chip

Sliced Onions (sliced into rings) duh

String Cheese

Red Cayenne Pepper

Instant Mashed Potatoes (Secret ingredient)

Vegetable Oil


1. Start by whisking together some of the flour, the cornstarch, the instant mashed potatoes, the cayenne pepper, and the club soda. The batter should thicken up just a little  so that it will still make a nice smooth even coat. Then mix up  the Panko and crushed chips to make your breading. Also, start heating up a pot of  vegetable oil to 365 degrees.

2. Now dip your rings into the flour first, then into the batter making sure it is completely coated. After it is coated, dip it fully into the bread crumbs making sure it has a even coat all the way around it!

3. Carefully drop the fully breaded item in the heated oil and allow it to brown up on both sides then using a metal slotted spoon or deep fryer basket spoon remove it.

4. For the mozzee sticks, simply cut the string cheese sticks in half and repeat the same process!

They will be hot out right out of the fryer so set them aside and give them a minute to cool down but the sooner you dig into these crunchy finger foods, the better they are! I enjoy dipping them in ranch, honey mustard, and barbecue sauce!

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