The Splits

My favorite course of the meal is always, and has always been, dessert! Dessert is the sweet taste of victory after plowing through all the previous courses that stood in your way. Dessert is also my favorite because of the variety and creativity that can be found in the dish. So many delicious foods have great uses in desserts that you can combine odd or different flavors that will compliment each other great.

One of the easiest ways to create new flavors with dessert are to take the classics, and switch out the main ingredients for similar but different items. The ice cream sundae has so many different combinations and flavors that it can practically taste any way you want it! There is the Hot Fudge sundae, the Strawberry sundae, the S’mores sundae, the Turtle sundae, and the list goes on and on but the basics remain the same. Ice Cream, Sauce, and Nuts. The variety of those you can choose and combine make the sundae the perfect dessert for creativity!

Another one of my favorite desserts to switch up is the Banana Split. The banana split is traditionally made with a vanilla ice cream and the 3 sauces of chocolate, strawberry, and pineapple, splitting a banana in half. One of the best ways to make the banana split your own is to switch out the banana itself! Using peaches or apples (or any fruit your want) you can switch up the split to give it a whole new flavor. Another great idea is to switch up the sauces and ice creams with the bananas! My specialty combo is a scoop of vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry ice cream with marshmallow sauce and whipped cream!

It’s fun to mix up the classic desserts and make new combos that show some creativity and imagination in the most imaginative course of food, the sweets!


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