No Right way to do it

When it comes to making great food, there’s never a “right” way it has to be done! Some people may argue that there is always a right way to do something, but in my eyes, cooking is not one of them! Cooking is about exploring tastes and making meals that satisfy your hunger! It doesn’t really matter how you get it done, as long as it ends up the way you want it!

I like to use some unconventional techniques and items when I’m in the kitchen (mostly because I have a fake kitchen with super old school appliances and such) but I find that to be more creative, and sometimes I think it contributes to how well the food tastes. I think that the best meals, don’t only come from a 5 star restaurants. They come from the heart. When you actually show care in what you are cooking it can be tasted in the meal. Your mother always makes the best home cooked meals, because she is making them with love. My mother cooks for the family, and she knows that she is the one bringing everyone together, so I can see it clearly that she wants to make everyone happy and that can only come from the heart.

So I say do whatever you want in the kitchen! Get creative and mix up your dishes and try weird combinations without fear! No matter how crazy it may seem, if you are motivated the right ways in the kitchen, most likely you will be able to make some delicious tasting foods you didn’t even think possible!

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