Partying Too Hard? part 1

Sometimes you go too hard in the paint.. Usually you end up slopped over the toilet the next day wishing you never took that first sip. Unfortunately, by that time it’s too late and no matter how hard you wish, or pray, you just can’t will the hangover away. In these times you need a cure that can only be found in the universal language known as food. Many different cultures around the world have their own special hangover cures and, through personal experience, I have tested most of them out and can say that they are all equally satisfying. Because of my Mexican/Hispanic heritage and tradition, my personal favorite is menudo. Not to be confused with the Spanish pop sensation, menudo, the soup, is actually a filling delicacy in  Mexican tradition known for its hangover curing capabilities. The main ingredient of menudo is the beef tripe, which takes hours to cook properly. And it is because the dish itself take hours of preparation and cooking, that it is best to get menudo on a Sunday morning at your favorite authentic Mexican restaurant. Menudo is more than just a soup to be eaten when feeling under the weather from the night before, it can also be a family reunion for some. Seeing as how the dish takes a lot of time and effort to make, most families will work cooperatively to put together a breakfast feast for everyone to enjoy the day after a long night of raging.

Being a college student, I don’t often get the chance to enjoy a good homemade bowl of menudo. So I looked around and found the perfect solution for my nauseating problems on Sunday morning. There are now cans of pre-made menudo that can be purchased for cheap, ready to be heated and enjoyed! You can find these cans in your local grocery market’s ethnic or cultural aisle. Although they may not be fresh from my grandmother’s kitchen, I still find the cans to be quite authentic and tasty! Next time you’re feeling a little under the weather from a long Saturday night, go out and find yourself a can of menudo and bring yourself out of that slump!


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