Food Shows Are Actually Entertaining Too?

One of my favorite ways to get new ideas and inspiration is through watching various different cooking shows on TV.  The only problem is that most of the time you’ll sit through the show and mindlessly watch the celebrity chefs whip up some crazy dinner that you know you will never be able to recreate, but The Food Network has been mixing it up this October with some new shows that might actually offer some entertainment as well. If you enjoy cooking but can’t bring yourself to sit through a painful episode with Ina Garten or Rachael Ray then check out these new competition shows coming out in October!

1. Halloween Wars, Premieres October 2nd: 5 teams comprised of the best pumpkin carvers, sugar artists, and cake decorators will battle it out by creating incredible detailed and spooky, Halloween inspired displays to win a $50,000 grand prize.

2. The Next Iron Chef, Premieres October 30th: A contest pitting a star studded cast of prestigious chefs against each other to determine who will be “The Next Iron Chef.” The chefs will be tested through various different cooking challenges while they try to earn a coveted spot in Kitchen Stadium!

3. The Best Thing I Ever Made, Premieres October 16th: I know this isn’t exactly a competition show, I still feel that it offers a fun and entertaining alternative to the ordinary cooking shows you’ll catch mid-day. For this show, an assortment of Fan- favorite chefs will share their own culinary secrets and techniques in a way never seen before.

All of this competition in the air has given me initiative to start my own competition up now! I am going to have a “Food Battle Royale- College Edition” competition where I’ll be challenging fellow college chefs to improvised cooking! Keep reading and commenting on upcoming posts for more information or email me at if you’d like to participate.


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