Road Muchies!

After being on the road for 8 hours I was in serious need of some serious grub. And the tired, soggy sandwiches and funky smelling taquitos at every gas station were not gonna satisfy my taste buds this time. Finally, after having a quick safety meeting with my co-pilot, Messy Marv, we decided to raid the dollar menu of a fast food joint to create our own deluxe fast food meals. So it was then that I decided to start my first episode in a part I call Road Muchies! Essentially I want to create tasty, filling, and maybe even outrageous meals with only dollar menu items so we made our first stop at the American classic.

The spot we hit for this installment was  good ol’ McDonald’s. The dollar menu presents a couple perfectly filling meal options at cheap affordable value menu prices! At McDonald’s we came up with the McQuad , the Ghetto Big Mac and the Apple pie a la mode!

The McQuad

Step 1. Order 2 McDouble Sandwiches.

Step 2. Remove the top bun from 1 burger and the bottom bun from the other.

Step 3. Join the sandwiches together and enjoy the four paddy goodness!

The Ghetto Big Mac

Step 1. Get 1 order of dollar menu small french fries. Then order a McDouble with Big Mac sauce (They should put it on there at no extra cost).

Step 2. Separate the McDouble where the burgers meet and layer your french fries on top of it and you now have a Ghetto Big Mac.

For dessert: Apple Pie a la mode

Step 1. Order a Hot Fudge Sundae and 2 apple pies.

Step 2. Take a couple small bites out of the sundae so that it doesn’t overflow and spill.

Step 3. Break your apple pies into little pieces and crumbs and mix lightly into the Sundae.

Step 4. Top with the chopped nuts they give you. (if you want)

Using these as a guide, don’t be afraid to get wild with your own dollar menu items and create something unique to you! Come up with your own ideas for Road Muchies! and email them to and I’ll try em out and maybe feature them on the next installment of Road Muchies!


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